The life between two cultures - over almost 10 years between Orient and Occident - their own aesthetics, the dealing with different cultural shapes and their perception flow into Barbara Armbruster's drawings, painting, photography, videos and illustrations.

The exhibition at Kunstraum Vincke focused on bundling already produced works as well as new ones and arranging them into a context where comparisons, assimilations and memories are re-evaluated, bundled and arranged. The artist unites two different approaches to drawing. The drawings for the most part sparingly done with ink and acryl were based on photographs from the extensive archives compiled over the years and during the working cycle in the context of the book MY Cairo. The Magnombax drawing series or the large-formal drawings distinguish themselves by high density and richness of detail, filling the sheet with several pencil layers, with forms growing into the picture. Magnolia and bombax (tree in Cairo) become Magnombax, a linking of these tree species with the same characteristics and similar blossoms.(Text:BA)



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